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Business Partners


Business Partners/Sponsors

We would especially like to thank our business partners for their participation both socially and financially.  They have been very influential in making the Gainesville Community Alliance what it is today.  Below you see the advertisements for our Business Partners.  Please feel free to click on the active cards to visit their web sites.

(scroll down for ad submission instructions)

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Click for Quality Cleaners
Click for Mike Hastings
Click for Mike Hastings
Click for One Source
Click for Pye Law
Click for Pride Community Center
Click for
Click for Unique Travel


To become a business partner, please contact Joe Antonelli ( by email.  Joe will be happy to brief you on the procedures to become a sponsor. 

Cost of Newspaper Ads
Single Biz Card Size
Double Biz Card Size
Non Member
Non Member
$ 25.00
$ 40.00
$ 75.00

Please route all graphic files and communications through the newsletter editor and allow one full month for an advertisement to appear on the web site.

Specifications for the graphic (.jpg, .jpeg, or .gif) files used in your business ad are listed in the table below.

Horiz - Pixels
Vert - Pixels
72 dpi
Horiz by Vert
Horiz by Vert
small ad
228 by XXX
XXX by 228
large ad
280 by XXX
XXX by 280

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